About Us


A family run business, SMF Ltd started 23 years ago, when Simeon Morgan was given the opportunity to take over J&D Edgar Ltd’s local farming operations. He and his wife Lisa have worked tirelessly to build a successful and sustainable farming business ever since.

Farming provenance – it’s in the genes

Simeon Morgan in farm yard

Simeon Morgan


Simeon handles the day-to-day operations.
A well-respected and experienced member of the local agricultural community, Simeon was born into a farming family, growing up on a local dairy farm and helping out from a very young age, learning all about farming techniques, systems, soil and crops from the ground up.

Lisa Morgan


Simeon’s right-hand woman, wife and mother of their 2 children, Lisa, takes care of marketing and administration; she is passionate about local food provenance and promoting agriculture as a career option to young people. Recently four hooves have been replaced by two fat tyres on her retro E-bike that she loves to use around the farm.

Lisa Morgan

Meet the Team

We work closely with a highly regarded, independent agronomist, who has exceptional knowledge of growing arable crops, guaranteeing efficient and productive spray and fertiliser regimes within crop budgets. We are responsible for crop planning, purchasing, marketing, reporting to land agent or owner and budgeting.

Simeon Morgan Farming Dog on tractor

The rest of the team comprises; Head Tractor Driver/Sprayer Operator who we originally took on as an apprentice and after a stint in Canada came back to us full-time, a Tractor Driver and Level 2 Agricultural Apprentice, plus a reliable network of knowledgeable, trusted contract labour when the need arises.

Mechanised and Ready

The team wouldn’t be complete without our extensive and well-maintained fleet of machinery. To keep up to date with latest practices, we constantly invest in new agricultural equipment, via a structured machinery replacement policy.

Through our commitment to agritech, we’re on a trajectory of continually improving efficiency and accuracy in our pathway to more biodiverse agricultural practice.


The next generation of farmers are crucial to ensuring we create more agricultural biodiversity, use the most efficient and effective farming practices and continue to reduce our reliance on pesticides.  As governor of Sparsholt Agricultural College in Winchester, Simeon has close links with the local agricultural community, championing farming education, investing in apprenticeships and the continued training and development of the SMF team.

We’re always on the lookout for talent, so check back soon for the latest vacancies.